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This symbolic image is derived from scripture verses in the Book of Isaiah 65:25 and

Isaiah 11:6 and in the Book of Hosea 2:18 which portray a time when a fierce beast

like a lion will live a peaceable co-existence with a gentle lamb during the future

kingdom age when Jesus Christ shall reign over of all kingdoms of the Earth as

“Lord of Lords and King of Kings”, with His Kingdom promised to last into

eternity (Rev.11:15 and Daniel 7:27).

Jesus Christ ‘s first advent was as the sacrificial “Lamb of God”, dying for the

past sins of mankind. But the message He announced and commanded His

disciples to proclaim until He returned was not a message solely about Himself

or the popular false belief that man’s eternal reward is a life in heaven or

that the Kingdom of God is the church today, rather He declared His coming

Kingdom to be here on Earth (Matt 6:10) as part of His master plan for mankind.

This marvelous event will begin when He returns a second time as the “Lion of Judah”,

to bring revolutionary world ruling authority , moral government and peace and

stability to our present suffering world. During His initial thousand years reign from

the throne of King David in Jerusalem He will institute the ”restitution of all things”

(Acts 3:21), and embark on greatest harvest of human souls, by teaching them

through His resurrected saints to live by the law of God, thus giving mankind the

blessed opportunity to be adopted into the literal Family of God as Children

of the God kind.

The amazing good news is God is offering His salvation to those who will respond

to His calling today with a true heart. He has promised His true believers a

place in His soon coming government as spiritual teachers and rulers if we accept

His sacrificial blood as the price of His gracious gift of salvation now, while we live

in a steadfast covenant relationship with Him from day to day until His return.

Today we have the ability to come before God the Father in prayer and repentance

in order to transform our minds and our human ways through the power of God’s

Holy Spirit and to learn to obey God’s truthful laws. In John 1, 5:3 the apostle stated,

“For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments.” We pray in these

latter days many more loving hearts will join us in this great calling

“to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Matt 6:33)


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